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The Pope & Bishops are in the news a lot this week. So lets bring it back to the survivors & outsiders. Their courage brought systemic abuse into the light.

My follow-up piece to Roy Bourgeois’ profile was published yesterday on the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration blog, MJB. Read the full piece, here:

Outsiders help the church grow

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“Roy was silenced. His voice was not welcome because it threatened the power of the all-male clergy, challenged the dominant narrative, and suggested that women could help heal the church. And for many of his previous supporters, this was enough to ignore him. The Vatican legitimized his ostracism, and if you personally benefit from the institutional church, then it removed the burden of having to bother with women’s inequality anymore.”

This is written for ya’ll who’ve been benefiting from the decrepit institution, that has been wreaking havoc on the rest of us.

And it is dedicated to the survivors.

“As the discussion of systemic abuse continues this week at the Vatican, let’s pray for outsiders, for whom we are all indebted. It is through their courageous lives and the grace of God that institutional culture changes. Let’s pray for their strength to turn pain and betrayal into action. For it is only through action that they, too, can be free.”